Venue & Accommodation

Venue & Accommodation
Conference Venue : Ramada Plaze JeJu (Article source:
The Ramada Plaza Jeju Hotel was established on July 1, 2003, with a 100% investment by the Korea Teachers Credit Union. This internationally renowned deluxe resort-style business hotel was opened to raise management and its accommodation facilities to world class standards, and thus satisfy worldwide business travelers and tourists.
Modeled after a deluxe cruise ship in Northern Europe, this floating hotel is located within five minutes ride from both Jeju harbor and Jeju International Airport. It can be reached within an hour wherever you are on the Jeju Island. Visitors from home and abroad can experience the essence of Jeju culture enjoying the nearby spectacles of Chilsung-Ro street, Tap-dong outdoor performance hall, Sanjicheon, Yongduam, and Yongyeon bridge especially during the night time.
Ramada is the first floating hotel in Korea, whose guest rooms make its guests have a unique experience of feeling as if they were on the sea. Each room boats off its characteristics with high quality interior design.
Various types of 380 guest rooms which command a magnificent view of mountains and the sea are in place awaiting their guests. Besides, attached facilities such as the convention center which can accommodate up to 1200 people, small and medium-sized seminar rooms, health club, indoor and outdoor swimming pools, and hot spa, etc, guarantee successful business transaction and comfortable amenities to its guests.
From Jeju International Airport to Ramada Plaza Jeju
Toward Yongmoon Rotary → Hancheon Bridge → Seomoon Market → Turn left at the Market intersection →
Go Straight toward Tapdong-Ro
(distance: 3.8Km ⁄ taxi fare: approx. 3,500 won ⁄ about 10 minutes' ride)


From Jeju Port to Ramada Plaza Jeju
Turn left at Imhang-Ro → Drive toward Yongdooam ⁄ Tapdong
(distance: 2.2km ⁄ taxi fare approx. 2,500 won⁄ 6 minutes' ride)